Spinlord Gepard OX

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The Gepard is a fast and easy to control pimple-out rubber with high deception but low spin values. It has been invented for deadly counter-attacks, active and passive block balls, and powerful shots.Regarding the length of the (wide) pimples, the Gepard is a semi-long pimple out rubber, but the pimples are so inelastic that the Gepard plays totally like a short pimple out rubber.The pimple tops of the Gepard have very high friction, but the rubber compound includes polymers that generally are used for Anti rubbers.So the deception does not come from the wobbling effect of the pimples like usual. They will not wobble at all, even if you hit the ball hard.The deception is created because you can play the balls with or without spin, sometimes even with a little backspin, which makes it very difficult for the enemy to estimate the (always very flat) ball trajectory.The pimples of the Gepard are very durable, and the weight of this rubber is far below average.The Gepard is also our first rubber, which is available in red and black and in blue color.

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