Tibhar Shoes Spider blue/neon yellow

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When modern design meets lightness and pure dynamics!The special sole structure provides enormous dynamics and traction for short and fast movements.The 2-component phylon material in the shoe sole's middle and heel areas ensures the greatest possible wearing comfort and relieves your joints.The "ENERGY CONVERTER" in the heel area absorbs the vibrations resulting from movement and converts them into additional energy when pushing off the floor.The upper part of the shoe is made of the most innovative raw materials. The new Fin-Protect-System in the front part of the shoe protects the ligaments during short and fast movements. Also, it provides the player with optimal support due to the reinforcements.Large, honeycombed meshes combined with the STRONG-TPU material form a very functional unit. In addition to a significant weight reduction, this has also resulted in better air circulation in the shoe. The exclusive and modern design underlines the special feature of this very light table tennis shoe.The breathable "SOFT SKIN" microfibre material is used in the shoe's inner area, which raises the wearing comfort to a new level due to its innovative structure.The sizes shown are European sizes. For other sizes, contact support. (ie. Brazilian, UK, US, Centimeters)

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